Say Hello To The New Mercenary

Two month back, I was the type of dev that had to be passionate about an idea or product to contribute just a line of code. I could dump a project because the project owners or team where not obsessed with commit standards, PR standards, clean code architecture. If my idea which I always thought was better, was not picked I could get really pissed and decide to leave. So for the majority of 7 months I decided stay away from any other project, except my full time job and a little side gig of mine where I had at least 80% control of certain decisions. 

An incident occurred on April that really humbled me, an experience i will never forget for a very long time. My full time job delayed salary payment for about 3. During that period I had to crash at my close friend's place just to be able to eat, my family too were affected and some folks on my payroll. 

I wrote the most code i've ever within that 3 weeks all year, I had to source for side gigs and for the first time in a long time I was humble to accept things as the were. No pride or ego, I just wanted one thing, to get paid to write codes. I got onboarded into projects I disliked their architecture or the way they had done certain things, but I did not care. I was willing to learn it that way, write my codes that way just to survive. To be honest I had a mental shift, I learnt a valuable lesson "Passion and Obsession should never stop you from making a lot of money". I'm sure this might change, I might write another post saying not to pay attention to what I have written here and that is fine, but for now and in this moment, the money is important, the passion for doing it right can come later.